On-Site Engineer

Take a look into the HR process

In today’s digital economy, part- and full-time engineering solutions are a prized asset. Skip long HR processes and hire a professional using the Amplius Field Service Group. Our engineers are ready to commit to both short- and long-term projects, no matter if they span over just one month or several years.
Get instant access to high quality engineers and manage HR risks tied to:
  •     Employee sickness
  •     Maternity/Paternity leave
On Site Engineer

Our team can work as backup and take on software troubleshooting, install new laptops, perform stock inventory, decommission old laptops, administer active directory, troubleshoot conference phones, wireless networks etc. We constantly challenge our engineers to do new and different tasks, keeping them motivated and fresh.

Letting us manage your full-time or part-time engineer requirements bring additional benefits to just getting the work done 

Enhanced productivity

Never spend a single day without the right person on staff.

Simplified management

Never worry about reallocating tasks or training replacements.

Reduced costs

Avoid operating with a lot of slack on your team and just hire the right person whenever necessary.

Increased agility

Respond to new or changing business requirements faster and compete for larger projects without worrying about team capacity.