Moving office and not sure how to relocate IT?

You need top expertise in your IT relocation to stop an inefficient and costly move.

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Moving office and not sure how to relocate IT?

Relocating an office is about more than just packing up boxes and hauling them off to the new office space. With networks and cables, routers, telephone lines, printers, servers, and an up-and-running IT system with all its hardware needing to be moved, it takes a lot of planning and expertise to make sure everything you need is in your new location.

According to a survey by E. ON, three-quarters of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) delay moving premises because of the stress of the task. Oftentimes the company doesn’t have an IT person on their staff, which makes it very difficult to unplug properly.

A traditional moving company do not have the expertise to relocate and reboot your IT-solutions for you. They don’t plug and play. So, what can you do?

Benefits of an IT relocation service

Amplius offer a relocation service to help office managers move IT to a new site by safely disconnecting all IT and then reconnecting the computers at the new office.

Why is this important?

You can plug and play

The IT move is managed and monitored to the new location and set up in any way you desire. They plug in all cables in a neat way and you can continue using your network like there was never any disruption at all. There is no stress about costly downtime, so your business can stay up and running.

You can upgrade and modernise

Relocating is a perfect opportunity to upgrade and modernise your hardware. The service can unplug the old tech and install upgraded tech in your new office, so you have the most up-to-date IT infrastructure. For example, Amplius has installed new equipment in Mall of Scandinavia. They installed stores during the building process so the business was operating flawlessly on the very first day.

You can dispose of old tech

Wondering what to do with your old hard drives and hardware that contain confidential data? You need a service which can delete secure data, recycle the equipment and keep your company sustainable.

You can store equipment

If you want old and faulty equipment to be stored, Amplius has a storage room in Stockholm and Malmö where your devices can be kept safely, and replaced with new devices. Having the right competencies and knowledge can save your organisation a lot of uncertainty, time and money.

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