Cannot handle IT problems?

Solve all IT tasks and save money with an IT manager for hire. Here is how to prevent expensive IT downtime and inefficient processes.

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Cannot handle IT problems?

Small-to-medium-enterprises (SMEs) don’t have the resources to have a full-time, competent IT manager in-house. Key personnel must fill the role of an entire IT department, but not only is this ‘involuntary’ IT manager working essentially two jobs, but the two jobs are being half-done.

Updates and problems are overlooked, and the incorrect procedures can be implemented with no one qualified to check the requirements. This causes a lot of uncertainty as you are unable to solve IT issues.

An IT manager requires expertise in the maintenance of hardware, onboarding and offboarding employees and ensuring the business is totally compliant in order to avoid any risks. So what can be done?

An IT service to suit your requirements

Amplius Field Service Group provides 24/7 IT managers for hire to maintain hardware, ensure compliance, make all IT users happy and much more.

The difference between us and other IT companies is that we travel to the client’s location and fix the problem on-site. If you need us, we’re there.

Vasja Petkovska, Managing Director of Amplius Field Service Group

But what are the benefits of this service? Here we list how this can help you get work done more effectively:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • The new IT manager is completely competent in their work and can dedicate their time dealing with the IT needs of the company such as installing hardware, software or routers or handling data migration or Windows upgrades. This helps improve efficiency and make the business feel safer.

  • Reduced costs
  • Vasja says, “Companies might hire the wrong candidate and then need to outsource a lot of the work. This costs a lot of money and time when you can just hire the right person whenever necessary in order to avoid risks and save money.”

  • Increased efficiency
  • You can respond to new or changing business and IT requirements faster and more efficiently and compete for larger projects without worrying about team capacity. Full IT support for the company is available such as managing mobile and even making the IT work invisible, so you don’t have to worry about handling anything IT-related.

  • Simplified management
  • You never have to worry about reallocating tasks or training replacements.
    Vasja says, “We do a strategic analysis on what your company does and how we can help with IT. We either provide a full-time person or provide someone once a week to check everything is functional. It all depends on the client’s needs.”

  • More security
  • You feel much more safe and secure knowing you have a professional who knows exactly what they are doing and how to help you with your needs. No more worries – avoid risks and feel safer.

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