Our Site Survey and Connectivity Service

Our Site Survey and Connectivity Service

Our Site Survey and Connectivity Service

Why is Site Survey and Connectivity crucial?

Site Survey and Connectivity can help prevent errors and reduce response time to an incident within your company.

If you are trying to maximize your hardware and network efficiency, a complete Network Site Survey can be an invaluable tool. Specifically, it gives you a full overview of your hardware and network capacity. Furthermore, it can help you save money when upgrading in the future.

What is a Site Survey?

A Site Survey is essentially a thorough analysis of your hardware and network environment. In detail, it identifies the data transmission capacity that the hardware and network infrastructure support. Moreover, it detects what is hindering or obstructing its smooth operation.

When do you need it?

Network Site Survey can help you with setting up a new data network or inspecting the already existing one. Hence, it is very useful for checking and evaluating the network infrastructure to be used or being used.

Hardware Site Survey is an assessment of hardware. To enumerate, it includes installed equipment, guarantee deadline, exchange requirements, out-of-date hardware that needs recycling, etc. As a result, it helps to resize the network infrastructure, according to the availability required for operation.

Site Surveys help you identify:
● If any network equipment is giving trouble;
● If there is any office area that the Wi-Fi signal does not cover;
● Any interference caused by other devices and appliances;
● Whether the design and characteristics of the installed devices conform to the requirements of the environment;
● Whether the user number and access policies are appropriate for the areas highlighted in your operation plan.

How we work

Our way of successful Wireless Site Surveys and Assessments is through various floor plans, apps, speed test, interference, etc.

● We identify and take photos of relevant infrastructure and network hardware;
● Make an inventory list of all required equipment (what is installed, serial numbers, location, asset tag details, etc.);
● Installation of hardware which includes network hardware, cabling, racking;
● Identify site-specific requirements which may affect future installations and upgrades;
● Inspect equipment that may create health and safety concerns during installation;
● Prepare and deliver a complete Site Survey Report.

How our Site Survey can help you

The Amplius Site Survey can help your business prevent errors and drastically reduce response time to an incident. Additionally, we can help you identify the sources of small failures to interference or seasonal overhead of network infrastructure usage.

This significant failures reduction and problem management time make our Site Surveys a definitive factor for efficient network connectivity. We can help you extend the coverage quality and ensure coherent security. Lastly, we can help you improve your wireless network speed parallel to your wired network.

Consequently, your employees will experience increased productivity in a safer work environment while you save money on future upgrades and repairs.

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