Working from home? Get IT support On-Site!

Amplius is here to help your business overcome any IT-related issues that may arise during this time of remote working.

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Working from home? Get IT support On-Site!

2020 has changed the world and our lives in many ways. The Covid-19 virus pandemic has forced a lot of companies, both big corporations and smaller privately owned businesses, to change to a work-from-home mentality. Businesses face new challenges that come with these new conditions and Amplius is here to help your business overcome any IT-related issues that may arise during this time of remote working.
We have Field Service Engineers ready to make in-house visits to make sure your employees have properly set up workstations at home, we can help with storage and inventory solutions and make sure your employees have the proper equipment to work effectively from home.

Working from home has become a part of the “New Normal” we all have to live with now. For some, working from home comes naturally, while others have to adjust to not being in an office. Regardless of how the transition to remote working is, every one of your employees need to have the appropriate equipment and a workstation where they can work in a productive manner. Our engineers can visit your employees in their homes and make sure they have everything they need to enhance their productivity while working from home.

During a visit our engineers will do a full quality control of the workstation

Is there a decent internet connection? A high-speed internet connection is vital for high quality video-conference calls, working on software or files on remote servers and making sure your employee can work effectively.
Does the workstation have the proper equipment? We make sure that the employees have the physical tools needed to work effectively. This includes a comfortable chair and desk setup, a properly working laptop, high quality headset and microphone for conference-calls and up-to-date software.

A competent IT expert in your own home

While some of your employees can handle working from home without any IT assistance, some of the less technically gifted colleagues might benefit greatly from having an IT-expert do on-site troubleshooting and setting things up for them. Should any issues occur, our Field Service Engineers are available 24/7, 365 days of the year. Your employees will never have to wait for long to get the on-site assistance they need.

No office or storage space? No worries!

While on-site IT-help will help the individual employees work from home, a business in 2020 also has to deal with physical storage and inventory issues. Deliveries need to be received, inventory done and employees procure the equipment they need to work from home. Amplius can help your business with a private storage space. We have collaborations with storage companies such as 24Storage. Amplius can move your stock from your old office to a storage facility, take inventory and handle your deliveries for you. You will always have complete access to your own inventory and be notified when any inventory changes occur. Any new employees will also get their required equipment delivered to their homes. We can even help with software setups before delivering a work-computer to your employee.

Storage and IT-solutions combined

Many companies use custom software on the laptops their employees use. Our IT engineers will handle this “imaging” of new laptops before delivering the equipment to your employees. We can help set up new equipment exactly how your own IT-team would have done it, with your own custom software and settings. With the new laptop image setup, our Field Service Engineers can then directly deliver the laptops to your employee and help set up a workstation in their home. With Amplius by your side, working from home will be just as productive as working at the office.

Disposal of old equipment

When it’s time for an upgrade or a work laptop breaks down we can help you dispose of the old equipment in a proper and safe manner. We will safely delete any sensitive data that might still be on the hard drives and then either recycle or completely dispose of your old equipment.

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