Deskside Support Service

Deskside Support Service

Deskside Support Service

Amplius Deskside Support techs help you with maintaining, analyzing, troubleshooting and repairing your hardware and computer systems.

In today’s business world, all companies rely on IT to function and be productive. Regardless if your company works from a big office space, a manufacturing facility or you run a small home-office type business, your IT-assets are essential to the daily operation of your business. Just like a car or any mechanical tools you need in your work, computers and any surrounding equipment require ongoing service to function properly. Our Deskside Support Service provides you with a skilled IT-technician that will make on-site visits and make sure your IT-infrastructure is running as smoothly as possible.

Onsite IT Support for quick solutions

Your business needs a functioning IT infrastructure to maintain a productive output. You cannot afford a slowdown in productivity caused by unexpected IT-issues that slow down or halt your business. Having on-site IT-support service plays a vital role when speedy solutions to your IT related issues are essential. For all of your Deskside Support requirements, an on-site IT support solution is the best way to effectively maintain a properly running IT infrastructure.

Different working environments and organizations can have very diverse needs. With Amplius Deskside Support, you will have technicians that familiarise themselves with your business’ processes and adjust their routine to match your needs. Most importantly, you will have a real person in front of you, whom you can explain your issues too, with the skills to understand the problem you’re experiencing and find a quick and fitting solution.

Hardware Support that Protects your Assets

It is of utmost importance for bigger, enterprise scale organizations to have a proper insight in the performance of their hardware and software. A malfunction in a single component of your IT systems can cause a situation with disastrous consequences for your business. A personal IT solution, tailored just perfectly for your organization is the best way to prevent issues and maintain an effectively running IT infrastructure. With Amplius Deskside Support, this is exactly what will be provided for you. With both hardware repairs and installations having an on-site technical support means no waiting for help when something needs to be fixed. We take a hands-on approach to hardware and software maintenance, to quickly and effectively help you solve any issues you’re experiencing.

Our hardware support reaches beyond desktops and laptops. Your business might be using tablets, printers or mobile devices. Our on-site technicians will help you solve any issues you’re experiencing with these devices.

Installation and Troubleshooting of Software Upgrades

Our hands-on approach reaches beyond hardware installations and repairs. Your desktops and laptops all run software that needs to be upgraded from time to time. Our Deskside support technician will help you with any software upgrades and after installation they will test the computers to make sure they are working according to established guidelines.

If you are experiencing any issues with your software, our technicians will provide troubleshooting to find the problem and make sure your software is running properly. With on-site support your employees can maintain productivity without a long interruption caused by software issues.

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